Geofrey Kweyu

Data Analytics and AI Consultant intern at Collectiv

Having to cover nearly all the essentials in Data Science in two months was not a cup of tea. If you are wondering, how? Try the power of teamwork. The adopted learning model enabled me to access a community of fellows and teaching facilitators (working data science field) who guided us along the journey. I benefited from the group work which involved solving industry-oriented challenges from various companies. This was exposure to the next level. Strategic remote learning schedule to cater for the needs of day-job grinders. I found this favorable as it delivered a smooth balance between the learning time and my working for the bills. Most importantly, to reap the full benefits of the program you must have inner drive, grit and sacrifice.

Genuinely, I put in all my stocks and without second-guessing, I pushed myself to the limit, despite common challenges from the prevailing "new normal" situation. Through Afterwork, my network has improved. I have met friends and potential business partners across Africa. As a job seeker, I used the knowledge and skills from Afterwork to build my portfolio (GitHub) to showcase my work to my potential employers. Speaking from experience, after receiving many regret emails from my previous applications, I got an offer courtesy of the very portfolio. Thanks to Afterwork. Being a member of the Afterwork community has shaped my career and it's been worthwhile.

The Afterwork Data Science Program was a great experience for me. Despite the pandemic disruptions, the online sessions for the entire program were well conducted. The materials provided and platforms used for practice were simple to use and understand even for beginners, the facilitators were knowledgeable and patient and answered whatever inquiries we had. I am proud that I was able to successfully complete the program and learn so much in such a short time.

Despite not having prior programming language knowledge, by the end of the last workshop, I could write and interpret python and SQL. Going through the program also allowed me to see how much work actually goes into cleaning, analyzing and creating reports and visualizations and I appreciated the good work of data and business analysts. I would recommend it to everyone who would like to gain some knowledge in the data science field and also those who would want a refresher course.

Valerie Wamatuba

Research Assistant

Richard Taracha

Operations Consultant at BtL Communication

When I started this fellowship, I wasn't well equipped with a statistical background. In a couple of months’ time, I gained industry-level data science knowledge. During the fellowship, I got to work on actual current projects which was very insightful. The team of experts gave every fellow a lot of practical examples and tips and their approach were personal and professional. I'm not quite there yet, but the AfterWork Data Science Fellowship surely gave me a head start!

I would highly recommend the AfterWork Data Science Fellowship program to anyone interested in either kickstarting their career in Data Science or simply improving on their existing skills

Like any new skill, mastering Data Science is a continuous journey. My motivation for joining the fellowship program was to brush up on my skills, prepare for an arduous postgraduate program and meet other like minded professionals. The program greatly exceeded my expectations and it was far more comprehensive than I initially anticipated! Learning from industry experts is great as it helps you avoid beginner mistakes and master best practices in applied data science.

The supportive community is also - both fellows and program mentors are willing to offer their hand in solving challenging problems. I would highly recommend this program to all who are looking to start/continue their data science journey. Kudos to Valentine & the team for curating such a hands-on program!

Peter Wamburu

MSc. Financial Technology Candidate at
The University of Glasgow